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At Post Office Ranch we take great pride in breeding, raising and selling working class bulls and heifers. We have been doing it at altitude since 1993. Our goal is to produce bulls that excel in carcass traits, maternal, and growth in a moderate framed, sound footed package that requires less input. We believe in the final product; quality meat hanging on the rail and we are here to help you achieve that goal. Our bulls are born at 7800’ and then run at 9,000-12,200’ on rocky tuff permits during the summer and fall. Our bulls are not feedlot bulls. They are developed on a few pounds of grain and 75% roughage diet. They are kept in a pasture where they get daily exercise. Our goal is that these bulls don’t “melt” but continue to cover cows for the whole breeding season and many years to come.

PAP testing is done twice by Dr. Tim Holt at 7825’, once at weaning then again just before the sale. We feel testing twice along with the “true high altitude” raising, produces the most accurate and reliable test scores. For more information on PAP and how it effect’s livestock at every elevation click here.

Due to our researched and diverse bloodlines on both the sire and dam you can come back year after year and find bulls that will work for you. We match every cow to a sire that compliments her in our goal to produce the best animal that thrives at the highest altitudes, produces in the feedlot at lower elevations and grades excellent on the rail. We look forward to helping you improve your herd one calf at a time.

God Bless,
Jim, Deane’ & Jason LaRue

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Annual Bull Sale

March 20, 2021

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